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David Cooper

Oak Hill Farm

“You just try to be resilient, and diversity is the most resilience you can have.”

David Kaisel

Capay Mills

“We do have the benefit of strong communities... During the fire here, everybody is checking on each other.”

Austin & Melissa Lely

Bee-Well Farms

“We try to farm in a way where we're giving back to the earth.

We're building soils, we're nurturing life.”

Jim & Laurie Noble

Noble Orchard

“When it was time to go, there were flames shooting up about 100 feet in the air...

and you knew if you stuck around, it was not going to be good.”

Cheetah Tchudi and Samantha Zangrilli

Turkeytail Farm

“The more I talked to firefighters, we’ve decided (next time) to stay.

We honestly, physically can’t afford to go through this again.”

Evan Wiig

Community Alliance with Family Farmers

“We're talking about an ecological crisis that is being perpetuated by climate change.”

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