Rev. Floyd D. Harris Jr. | Freedom School Fresno

"We want these children to grow into healthy Black men and healthy Black women,

and to change society to be a healthy place for them.”

Darlene Franco | Wukchumni Community Garden

“This garden is changing people. I think it's healthier for them."

Steven Lee | Quaker Oaks Farm

"What we’re trying to do is re-establish nature’s balance

without using what I call the nuclear option of chemical pesticides"

Juan Jose Martinez| Road 20 Farm

“Whatever we plant here, it grows well

depending on when we plant it, the water and the soil."

Inez Aldridge | Black Urban Farmers Association 

“The idea that the Central Valley can provide 65 to 75 percent of fresh produce

to the country, and yet we have food deserts in Stockton – I think it's criminal.”

Dr. Kanwarjit Boparai | Lemoore, CA

"If I could eat olives off the tree – which you can't, but if I could –

I'd have no qualms about grabbing one right now and eating it

because I know there are no chemicals on there for me to worry about."

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