Securing labor to pick the olives is expensive, says Kanwarjit Boparai, but his orchard is too small for mechanical picking. During the last harvest, his crew stopped before picking all the trees.

Rev. Floyd D. Harris Jr. | Freedom School Fresno

"We want these children to grow into healthy Black men and healthy Black women,

and to change society to be a healthy place for them.”

Darlene Franco | Wukchumni Community Garden

“This garden is changing people. I think it's healthier for them."

Steven Lee | Quaker Oaks Farm

"What we’re trying to do is re-establish nature’s balance

without using what I call the nuclear option of chemical pesticides"

Juan Jose Martinez| Road 20 Farm

“Whatever we plant here, it grows well

depending on when we plant it, the water and the soil."

Inez Aldridge | Black Urban Farmers Association 

“The idea that the Central Valley can provide 65 to 75 percent of fresh produce

to the country, and yet we have food deserts in Stockton – I think it's criminal.”

Dr. Kanwarjit Boparai | Lemoore, CA

"If I could eat olives off the tree – which you can't, but if I could –

I'd have no qualms about grabbing one right now and eating it

because I know there are no chemicals on there for me to worry about."

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